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Suzette is the designated broker and general contractor for our company. She has been a real estate licensee since 1996, and has many years of experience specializing in the area of real estate investment. She is what the investor community would call an "investor-friendly" broker who is also an investor herself. She understands real estate investment, how to analyze investments, and how values can change with shifting market cycles. She has first-hand experience of how investors must constantly assess their current business models and strategies in real estate in order to stay abreast of changes, and adjust for new market realities. She knows that ignoring new market realities can increase an investor's risk of experiencing a decrease in deal flow and profit which; can put the best laid real estate investment plans to rest for good. To help her investor clients avoid this, she educates and facilitates the path forward, which is a huge benefit the investor clients she works with. In her own real estate projects, Suzette and her team look for truly quality real estate opportunities that are priced well for the condition and market location. Her systems for sourcing opportunities, analyzing profit potential, estimating repairs, managing renovations, as well as marketing and leasing, all work to ensure that her projects are profitable. She currently holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Real Estate from Marylhurst University. She is a certified business model analyst, and is currently pursuing an Executive MBA in Finance from Washington State University. She is an asset to any team she is working on. Whether that team is her own or she is on an investor-client's team, her enthusiastic dedication to excellent service and world class team-building makes her invaluable to the clients she accepts.

CNBC | ‘Shell shock’ bond move sends yields to pre-taper low

BY Patti Domm, CNBC

[MAY 14, 2014 ]Global bond yields are in a deep slide, taking the 10-year U.S. Treasury to a level not seen since October—well before the Fed began winding down its easy money program.

The common themes are accommodating central bankers and concerns about growth. In the U.S. a short position in Treasurys continues to support the market as investors are forced to cover with each notch higher in price and lower in yield. Yields were lower across the curve, but the 10-year yield broke below a range that it has held since the end of October, touching a low yield of 2.52 percent.

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Phipps Conservatory Center for Sustainable Landscapes | Living Future

via International Living Future Institute

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden’s mission is to inspire and educate all with the beauty and importance of plants, advance sustainability and human and environmental wellbeing through action and research, and to celebrate its historic glass houses. The mission of the organization is evident in the Center for Sustainable Landscapes (CSL). A restored brownfield is now a productive place that takes what it needs from what is available to it, and provides a healthy environment for life to thrive. True to the Phipps mission, the ongoing work at the CSL is based on recognizing vital and positive connections between people, plants, beauty, health, and focuses on awakening children to nature and encouraging sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

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International Living Future Institute Newsletter: May 2014

In a matter of months, five projects—two residences, a government office and a pair of educational facilities—achieved Net Zero Energy Building Certification through the Living Building Challenge. This recent flurry of certifications supports an assertion commonly voiced at our Net Positive Conference in February: the future of Net Zero buildings isn’t on the horizon; it’s already here. Learn more about the following certified projects via our case studies:

Zero Energy House, Auckland, New Zealand

American Samoa EPA Office, American Samoa

Center for Sustainable Landscapes at Phipps Conservancy & Botanical Gardens, Pittsburgh, PA (also pursuing Living Certification).

via International Living Future Institute Newsletter: May 2014.

Report Shows Resurgence of Hiring but Has Downbeat Notes –



[MAY 2, 2014]  The American economy picked up steam in April, as employers added 288,000 jobs while the unemployment rate fell to 6.3 percent, the lowest level since September 2008.

After a sharp slowdown in job growth in December and January, and a modest improvement since then, economists had been forecasting a healthy gain for April as consumer and business activity rose in tandem with temperatures in many parts of the country.

But the good news was tempered by a drop of 806,000 in the number of Americans in the labor force, pushing the labor participation rate down sharply. And despite the fall in joblessness, average hourly earnings were flat.

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BP Podcast 067: Overcoming Inaction, Direct Mail, and Becoming an Successful Wholesaler with Tim Gordon

via Brandon Turner,

[April 24,2014] “On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down and chat with a real estate investor who wasn’t seeing a lot of action in his business – until a friend challenged him to take his investing seriously and start treating it like a business….Our guest today, Tim Gordon, accepted the challenge…”

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Sternlicht Sees Strong Potential in Single-Family Housing Business |

By Sarah Borchersen-Keto

[APRIL 24, 2014] Starwood Capital Group Chairman and CEO Barry Sternlicht is expressing confidence that the single-family rental housing sector has the potential to become a major REIT asset class, but he acknowledges that investors remain skeptical.

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Beginners Guide to Self-Directed IRAs

Have you been searching for an alternative to the ups and (mostly) downs of the stock market? Are you interested in the growing trend of using retirement funds to invest in real estate, tax liens, precious metals or other alternatives, but feel intimidated by self-directed IRAs?

National Education Specialist John Bowens from Equity Trust Company will provide an easy-to-understand overview of self-directed IRAs, which will include:

• How to tap into IRA and 401(k) funds to make more deals than you thought possible

• How investing with self-directed IRAs equals tax-free or tax-deferred profits

• How to possibly qualify for large tax deductions

If you’ve been thinking about taking control of your retirement savings, now’s the time to start!

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Worried about too Less Savings Retirement? | Quest IRA, Inc.

For many adults who are nearing their 60’s (and even some adults much younger than that), one of their biggest financial concerns is being able to save enough for retirement. The average American who reaches age 65 can expect to live for about another 20 years, so if that individual plans to stop working once they retire, they will need to have accumulated a significant nest egg to cover their ongoing living expenses. Many adults find that they haven’t save enough.

So what happens if you find yourself in this position? What do you do if you believe that you’ve saved too little for your retirement?

Click below to read Quest IRA’s response:

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Apartment REITs returned to 12.75% in Q1

[CNBC, 04/02/2014]  a lot of folks thought that the housing recovery would weaken rental demand and in fact, that sentiment hit the apartment reits pretty hard last year. investors were concerned about overbuilding. fast forward to the first quarter of this year. rental demand is still very strong. vacancies down 20 basis points to just 4% according to reit. rents continue to grow up over 3% from a year ago. they would be higher but landlords say that weak income growth is holding them in check. so with all that, it seems that investors have come back to apartment reits this quarter with a vengeance. the sector returned 12.75% in q-1 making it the top yielding of all commercial reit sectors.

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