Broad Group | High-Rise building built in a matter of days | KurzweilAI

Constructing a high-rise sustainable building in a matter of days is an amazing accomplishment. It seems that technology like this could change the face of commercial construction.

“Broad is one of the few Chinese manufacturing companies that has been widely recognized for its green policies and commitment to climate change. It has expanded its business in recent years to include other energy saving products and sustainable buildings, and achieved a feat of building a 15-story tall hotel in 6 days, which received 2 million views in the first 10 days on YouTube.”


Some notable accomplishments noted about the building in this video:

  • 5X more earthquake resistant than conventional buildings
  • 5X more energy efficient
  • External solar shading
  • Internal window insulation
  • Heat recovery fresh air
  • 20 times purer air

Broad Group | Fifteen-story building built in 6 days | KurzweilAI.

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