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Fannie Mae is implementing a structured sales program involving significant sales of real estate assets in the form of either pool sales or joint venture transactions.

Any structured sales under this program are expected to be significantly larger than our existing pool sales described on our “For Investors” page. Joint venture transactions are expected to allow qualified investors to purchase a controlling equity interest in a newly formed investment vehicle created to hold multiple properties in one transaction. The qualified investor would be responsible for the management and servicing of the assets, and would be an equity partner with Fannie Mae. Pools may be national, regional, or geographically focused, subject to post-closing asset management strategies and restrictions, and consist of vacant and / or occupied (including rented) properties. Sales of controlling equity interests will be limited to qualified investors.

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Can Commercial Real Estate Investors Help Revive Single-Family Housing?


“But might there be an unlikely savior on the horizon for the single-family sector in the form of commercial real estate investors? On Monday, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced a pilot program through which it would take bids from investors to buy foreclosed residential properties in bulk for the purpose of turning them into rentals.”

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The Off-Market Multifamily Frenzy vs. Timeless Real Estate Investment Principles



This was my contribution to today’s class discussion in real estate finance:

Yes, it seems that only the most well-funded investment groups are taking full advantage of the current market. There are still a lot of investors sitting on the sidelines, but at some point, they will all need to realize that it still boils down to the numbers and how properties perform over the life of the holding period. Too much frenzy about “off-market” opportunities, and not enough energy spent on  considering real potential deals that are out there in this inhospitable economic environment.

I think a distressed deal is a distressed deal whether the deal is on or off the market. Even non-distressed deals can become distressed in this economic climate. Why? Because, sellers of non-distressed assets are going to have to compete with the tremendous volume of distressed assets that have–and have not yet–hit the market. The environment is bad for many sellers, especially the ones that cannot refinance for whatever reason.

Whether on the market, or off the market. All deals are competing for the same pool of investors. I think there is too much focus on finding off-market deals, and not enough energy going into considering the factors surrounding a real potential opportunity; for example, considering the fundamental basics of net operating income as it relates to an after-tax “cash-on-cash” return (the only real thing that really matters in the end is the actual cash flow that makes it into the bank). Taking the current economy into consideration, a savvy investment group knows how to step into a deal to make smart and well-informed decisions in order to achieve record revenue figures.

[VIDEO] What can I do with a small amount of money in a Self Directed IRA?

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I found a very interesting educational video this morning. I thought it compelling enough to share. With knowledge comes the power to make positive changes. Real progress. How we choose to respond to circumstances determines the path ahead as well as the outcome–good or bad. By the way, I am not being paid to make this post. I am only sharing good information that has the power to make all the difference in the world for many people who concerned about the state of their retirement.  There are many educational resources out there that are free. Get educated, seek professional advice, and become self-empowered.


On Mindset and Turning Things Around – Reflecting on Steve Jobs’ 2005 Commencement Speech at Stanford University



Turning things around
Reflecting on truth


Focus has been an important lesson for me these past 12 months. It has meant re-setting priorities and making tough decisions along the way. One–of which–was to set school aside to focus on getting my business through rough economic waters.  For many years, I was able to balance school, work, and life; but when the economy took a turn for the worse and as my studies grew markedly intense, I knew that I had to make a choice–although, it was not an easy one for me to make. When we are feeling down, it is easy to get lost in the waves of emotion that often go with life’s’ disappointments. However…

I found a video that really put it all into perspective for me. It was a video of Steve Jobs giving a commencement speech at Stanford University. It reminded me that working towards a vision in life is worth fighting for. It means staying strong when the going gets tough, and not letting the years escape when there is so much to carry out to bring things back into balance.  The most striking thing I heard him say was when he spoke about a calligraphy class that inspired greater things to come and ultimately brought our world to a new level of connectivity and communication. It shows how seemingly small inconsequential things can become the seeds of change for the future:

“Of course it was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was in college. But it was very, very clear looking backwards ten years later. Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something, your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart; even when it leads you off the well-worn path, and that will make all the difference.” (Jobs, 2005)

In order to change the future, we must start with our vision of life and then trace back to the first step that begins today. There will never be a way to predict an outcome. We can “what if” ourselves to death, but when it comes right down to it, there is no room for fear and doubt. There is no instant gratification when it comes making a positive difference in changing the context of our lives for the better. When the winds of change begin to call us, we can either answer it by recognizing that something is not right– and then do something about it–or we can take the path of least resistance accepting things as fate and settling into a life of mediocrity and unfulfilled aspiration. We can choose to live our lives as others would prescribe to us, or we can choose to find our own way. We can choose to pursue and live an extraordinary life, or we can procrastinate and fall asleep at the wheel letting the years escape us while rendering us lost ships in a world of uncertainty. It is totally up to us. We all have a choice, and no one can make this choice for us.

This is especially true for families who have struggled financially to make life a better place for themselves and for their future generations. It only takes one person to break the vicious cycle of generational poverty in their family line. It only takes one person to set an example for others to follow—proving that change can happen for the better. I believe Steve Jobs was such an example that we may learn from,

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” (Jobs, 2005)


It all takes determination, perseverance, focus, and a deep sense of living a purposeful life.  It means acknowledging what we must do, and then making the necessary decisions to make them happen and to make life better. It may mean that we lose some friends in the midst of transition, but at the same time, it may also mean that we discover who our real friends truly are— a treasure trove in itself.

Dare to dream. If we dare to follow the heart that lives within us all, then it will serve as our beacon of light to a better way of life. Anything is possible as long as we believe it is so.


We can choose how to live our lives--for better, or for worse.


Three tips for first time homebuyers: Peace is in the planning!

I remember when I bought my first home. It was one of the most exciting times in my life. What I love most about what I do is that I get to re-live that joy every time I deliver a set of keys to a brand new homeowner. I can see it in their eyes when they realize the home they are standing in is all theirs including the land.

Here are three reasons why your home buying experience will be more peaceful when you take a little time up-front to plan:

1. Reduced anxiety

There is so much uncertainty in the eyes of the first-time home buyer, but generally I see nervousness that can materialize in different ways. It depends on the person being nervous. A good buyers agent will take the time to familiarize themselves with your preferences. They will make your life easier and buying experience more enjoyable and ultimately more exciting, so make sure that you find and work with only the best. You can find a good buyers agent by asking them to provide references from past clients.  When a  good buyers agent consistently delivers a quality service to their buyer clients, their clients are typically very happy to provide a reference.

2. Have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish, and more importantly, how you will accomplish it.

3. Move forward with a sense of confidence. When it comes to buying real estate. Planning goes a long way to ensure your peace of mind when you are buying your first home. A good buyers agent will earn their weight in gold when they can connect to your preferences quickly, spot signs of trouble in a transaction or property, and  then work to resolve issues as they arise in an efficient way.


Buying a home is only the beginning of a whole new world of possibilities. While you are cozy in your first home, you can start thinking about how you would like to liberate yourself through real estate investing. A buyers agent with experience in real estate investing will take care of you on all fronts. They are a partner in your success, so choose wisely and make sure that they recognize what it means to fill this role in your team of professionals. A good buyers agent will look to familiarize themselves with your vision of “home,” as well as your vision of what you want rental income to do for your life, and then work with you to uncover the options to help materialize that vision.

Planning ahead is key to spelling out all of these components before you step into the market, and to your peace of mind during the process.


Three Things Every Buyer Needs to Know About Buying a HUD Home

Buying a HUD Homes

You can find a good deal through the department of Housing and Urban Development, otherwise known as “HUD.” There are few things every buyer should know before beginning a transaction involving the government’s arm in the housing market. Dealing with HUD as a seller is unlike any other transaction under normal buy-sell circumstances. There is a lot of bureaucratic red tape to deal with and the timelines are strict and to the letter–no exceptions. So here are my top three things every buyer should know before getting into a transaction involving a HUD home:

1. Get ready to be on your toes – HUD imposes strict timelines. You have only 48 hours to send original purchase and sale documents after being notified that you have been selected to be the winning bid. If the documents get there one day late, the bid gets canceled–no exceptions.

2. It is a bureacratic experience – In a HUD transaction there are more people involved than a traditional buy-sell transaction. Not only is there the listing agent, the buyers agent, escrow, inspectors and mortgage professionals, but there is also a third-party adminstrator–PEMCO–and a facilities management company that is responsible for maintaining the properties. They handle all the necessary work orders, as required by the conveyance laws of the county where the property is located. In Kitsap County, it is the seller’s responsibility to obtain a health letter for the septic system prior to conveying property ownership.

3. It’s going to cost you to turn on the utilities and water to the property for an inspection – After receiving bid confirmation, you will need to pay $150.00 to the facilities management company in order to turn the utilities on in order to schedule and complete necessary inspections.

The best advice I can give a buyer who is interested in buying a HUD home is to make sure you are dealing with an agent or broker who is HUD-Certified, and one who has streamlined the process to make it easier to bid and buy a HUD home. There is not much time to waste in a transaction with HUD. Many frustrated buyers have had their bids cancelled because their original purchase and sale documents arrived a day late.

A lot of stress can be prevented with a little planning and a certified HUD-Broker that knows what it takes to keep the transaction moving forward to closing. The peace of mind gained is a value to buyers.

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My Perspective in Brief: A Life Purpose, Mission, and Passion

strategic real estate investment coaching and planning
Requires a smart and strategic plan as a key to building wealth in real estate.

I got into real estate for the same reasons many people get into the business–to find a rewarding career that pays well. With these expectations, I gravitated towards investment property. I felt that if I learned all I could about it I could then take my skills and help people build stronger financial futures for themselves over time.

I can never forget where I came from, and what it was like growing up with parents who worked their butts off only to find themselves still struggling to make ends meet. I feel that every person deserves a chance in life to succeed–if they so choose.

I intend to be the change I see in the world. Where there is a strong desire to become financially independent through real estate, I will be there ready to help.

Sustainable Power and Influence: When are You Powerful?

Power Comes from Within...

Here is a powerful quote from The Power Principle by Blaine Lee  (1997), “Power is not a new phenomenon. It can be intriguing, because power can be surprisingly complex. It can be enticing, because power can be seductive. But it can also inspire and uplift and exalt, because power can be used to help people accomplish marvelous things” (p. 7). Blaine Lee, The Power Principle.”