National Real Estate Investor | Bridge, Mezzanine Lenders See Rising Tide of Deals

Beth Mattson-Teig

[JANUARY 15, 2014] Demand is up across the board as borrowers seek to buy debt back from special servicers; recapitalize properties; access capital for tenant improvements; or perhaps reestablish business plans for properties, notes Josh Zegen, managing member and co-founder of Madison Realty Capital in New York City. In addition, there is a healthy supply of “transitional” deals getting done for acquisition, rehab and new construction. Borrowers for those types of transactions often utilize bridge and mezzanine capital as a source of financing as they work to stabilize properties and improve NOI before going out and seeking permanent loans.

via Bridge, Mezzanine Lenders See Rising Tide of Deals | Bridge & Mezzanine Finance content from National Real Estate Investor.

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