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The New Age of Green: No Building Left Behind | Property Management content from National Real Estate Investor

Joseph Greenblatt


(MARCH 22, 2014)  Excerpt

When we think of LEED, we typically think in terms of class-A office buildings in the CBDs of our nation’s top-tier cities, such as New York, Los Angeles or Chicago. But what about the vast stock of existing buildings outside of that profile? What are the sustainability options for class-B assets in the outskirts of St. Louis, or an existing multifamily property in Oklahoma City? Where do they fit within the relatively narrow spectrum of potential LEED ratings and programs?

The fact is that LEED certification fails to address our nation’s huge inventory of multifamily buildings. Neither does it allow for many assets that are not class-A or better.

In fact, our research shows that, of the total commercial real estate stock in the United States—roughly 84 billion sq. ft., according to CoStar, not counting specialty, sports and entertainment facilities—LEED certification addresses only 3 percent of the inventory. That essentially excludes something on the order of 81 billion sq. ft. nationwide and renders the program of no relevance to the vast majority of industry practitioners. LEED was and remains groundbreaking. But its scope is narrow and the math is inescapable.

via The New Age of Green: No Building Left Behind | Property Management content from National Real Estate Investor.

Weber Thompsons’ Terry Thomas Office Building Receives LEED Platinum Certification

Leed Gold Platinum Certified, Weber Thompson, Terry Thomas Building, Seattle, WA

Congratulations to the design team at Weber Thompson for achieving LEED Platinum Certification for Commercial Interiors for their Terry Thomas office building located at 225 TERRY AVE N in Seattle! This impressive accomplishment, however, was not their first achievement of the year. On January 29, 2009, the company announced that it had achieved LEED Gold certification for Core and Shell; two great achievements before the end of the first quarter of 2009!

I had the pleasure of seeing the building during a tour organized through the Washington State Chapter of the CCIM Institute last year. Since then, I have learned a lot about the people at Weber Thompson. I have to say that they have demonstrated themselves to be true leaders in their field. They are not only passionate about sustainability, but they also make it apparent how they care for and highly value the people who work there as a part of the team. It is apparent that they are more than just a company, but they also share a sense of family. I believe they are a truly progressive company with an innovative culture, philosophy, and group of people doing great things for the environment and for the clients they serve, past and present.

The last time I spoke with friends there, they said they were happy to give tours of the Terry Thomas building. To contact them for a tour or if you want to send congratulations, click here.

Congratulations and WAY TO GO, Weber Thompson!