THE Roadblock for Many New Real Estate Investors: Shortage of EQUITY

It’s a situation familiar to almost any real estate investor with some years of experience in real estate investing…a shortage of equity for funding new real estate projects and acquisitions.

There are many ethical solutions to this dilemma…prepare a private placement memorandum (aka. Reg D), form an investment club / group, form a REIT, etc.

However, each source has its own set of requirements–legal and otherwise. An investment in education that lessens the learning curve is a smart move, but start where you are. Educational costs can run the gamut from affordable to not so affordable.

It is possible to start small and then build a strong financial foundation from there. It takes determination, perseverance, and an inner-hunger to want more out of life and the experience of living.

The obstacle of project funding is universal. It requires forethought, planning, and a trusted and experienced consultant to guide the effort.

Many good things are on the horizon!

Learning, growing, and evolving everyday as a real estate investor means tapping into your big “WHY” and understanding the processes that go behind raising capital, and connecting with those who can inform or guide the effort to move forward.

I am grateful for all the good learning opportunities that come my way. 🙂

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